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Gun Damp is an advanced, fully synthetic, non-toxic, CLP designed to serve military personnel around the world. Gun Damp provides best-in-class firearm lubrication, cleaning, and protection against corrosion and friction wear, even in the most extreme weather conditions. This specialized formula breaks down carbon and other contaminants built up in your firearm while leaving behind a protective lubricating layer that remains fully operational at freezing temperatures and evaporation resistant at high temperatures.


The "Katana" is the lightest powered binocular available, weighing less than 15 oz when fully assembled in its lightest form. Its unique articulating design and individual pod power control allow users to use one or both eyes, making it possible to use thermal optics or other aiming systems simultaneously.

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The cornerstone of our adaptable series of night vision devices. The Tanto mounts via a standard PVS-14 J-arm mount and other compatible PVS-14 mounts. This device is light weight without compromising strength weighing only 7.5oz. It is rugged and has been drop tested to the NATO firearms 1.5 meter drop test standard onto concrete, and also meets MIL-STD-810G for shock, vibration, and temperature. A unique feature of this monocular is its ability to be adapted to a proprietary powered articulating dual bridge mount with a T-10 screwdriver.


The Ultralight Articulating Night Vision Binocular - Full Control (UANVB-FC) "Manticore" is an articulating binocular housing made of high strength hybrid fiber reinforced injection molded polymer with a full suite of onboard digital controls. Using cutting edge polymer and manufacturing methods an ultra-lightweight and robust design is achieved, including an optimal single-piece pod geometry. This binocular includes features such as digital manual gain control, individual pod stow shutoff, IPD stops, user adjustable pod tension, IR-illuminator & indicator, and low battery indicator. The device is powered on-board by a single CR123A for a continuous runtime of ~25 hours or with an optional external power port for extended use

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