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We are here to support the men and women in our Military, Law Enforcement, and Federal Agencies



ViDARR is a pioneering company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the military, police, and individuals seeking top-notch products. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on enhancing performance and safety, ViDARR specializes in producing military-grade gun lubricants, cutting-edge night vision offerings, and more. Our team of experts leverages extensive knowledge and expertise to develop products that meet the demanding requirements of our armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and the everyday consumer. Whether it's ensuring the reliability and longevity of firearms with our gun lubricants or enhancing visibility in low-light situations with our night vision technology, ViDARR stands at the forefront of technological advancement. Our mission is to empower those who rely on our products with the best tools available, giving them a competitive edge in the most challenging environments. ViDARR is not just a company; it's a commitment to quality, precision, and safety for everyone we serve.

Superior, Lightweight, Ruggedized, Night Vision

Gun Lubricant

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